"20,000 metal boxes carrying goods"

I love this unpretentious and dull phrasing, because of course how else would you describe this if it weren't so normal, e.g. to someone a century ago?

Reminds me of that Mrs Kearns interview in Shutter Island.

I don't know the world anymore.

They tell me there are... televisions?

Voices and faces, coming from a box. — He? — I hear enough voices already!

@timo "Exponential increases in how many containers may be piled atop a single ship have effectively shrunk the globe further. Capacity has increased 1,500 percent over the last half-century, and has nearly doubled over the last decade alone, according to Allianz Global Corporate and Specialty, a shipping insurance company."

Mind boggling. And yet we are prepared to send angry tweets at couriers when packages do not make it to the doorstep on time. So, even though I cannot wrap my head around the massive scale of these operations (look at the size of that thing!), it's still considered normal.

Mind boggling.
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