Jurassic Park nostalgia, confused 

There's a scene in Jurassic Park, that climactic moment where Lex (Ariana Richards) realises the computer that can save them, is in fact "a Unix system". She sighs in relief, and rapid typing with classic "hacker" animations ensue.

Upon seeing it again in a meme, I noticed something odd. After a particularly important mouse click and camera turn, the computer prominently renders a scarcely dressed women in zebra outfit. The screen then blinks back to a park map.

Jurassic Park nostalgia, confused (Samuel L. Jackson) 

Apparently it's a well-known easter egg, and is featured twice more in the film in scenes where Ray (Samuel L. Jackson) is having to deal with Dennis Nedry's "hacker crap".

Fans were unable to credit the photo (sometimes referred to as "Nedry's lock screen") to a model or photographer. Rather, it brought them to illustrator Al Moore, who later painted various such pinups for Esquire magazine during the 50s.

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