Ah it's "technically a major city".

So, basically, its a small town and this obscure fact is (relatively speaking) the most interesting thing you have to say about the town, for the lead paragraph.

I love Wikipedia, the composition and phrasing says as much, if not more, than the facts. ♥️

How to make an AC/DC song in 30 seconds.

"What's that? Look out! Dog on the road!"

via kottke.org, from tiktok.com/@weareseaforth/vide.

Word 24:

round tuit

(noun, US humorous)

Circular object supposedly enabling its owner to do everything that has been put off until 'when they get around to it'.


the guardian, web shit 

This contains an article, somehow, somewhere.
I just need to *find* it 🤔

Third-party top ad, no close button.

Neither of the yellow buttons is "continue".
No, not a pay wall. Or... is it?

Nope, it's not. (I think.)

Internal ad overlay, no close button either.

Bingo! There's half an outline of what once held an X,
which reveals an oversized site nav,
and one whole sentence of content.

Why was I here again?

(Not feeling respected or supportive, that's for sure.)

Wow, MS-DOS was around over a thousand years ago!?


a medieval canvas from 1066 depicting the Norman Conquest, featuring a path on the artist's C:\ drive.


Jurassic Park nostalgia, confused (Samuel L. Jackson) 

Apparently it's a well-known easter egg, and is featured twice more in the film in scenes where Ray (Samuel L. Jackson) is having to deal with Dennis Nedry's "hacker crap".

Fans were unable to credit the photo (sometimes referred to as "Nedry's lock screen") to a model or photographer. Rather, it brought them to illustrator Al Moore, who later painted various such pinups for Esquire magazine during the 50s.

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Jurassic Park nostalgia, confused 

There's a scene in Jurassic Park, that climactic moment where Lex (Ariana Richards) realises the computer that can save them, is in fact "a Unix system". She sighs in relief, and rapid typing with classic "hacker" animations ensue.

Upon seeing it again in a meme, I noticed something odd. After a particularly important mouse click and camera turn, the computer prominently renders a scarcely dressed women in zebra outfit. The screen then blinks back to a park map.

Word 23 (cont'd from @krinkle@polyglot.city):

Ronseal (adj.)

of something to do precisely as one would expect from its outward description.

e.g. "a Ronseal deal", "a Ronseal solution".

The phrase entered British vernacular after the 1994 TV advertising slogan "It does exactly what it says on the tin", by wood paint manufacturer Ronseal.


Sir Ian McKellen, CBE.
Dame Judi Dench, DBE.
Sir Paul McCartney, MBE.
Willem de Klerk, OMG.


I mean, is there anything you *wouldn't* do to be awarded an Order of Mapungubwe Gold?

The Great Pyramid of Giza, from a new perspective.

Alexander Ladanivskyy flew a drone with a high resolution camera over top of the Great Pyramid. That alone is an amazing perspective. Such a recognizable icon if there ever was one, but never from this perspective.

Ladanivskyy then got very very close up! It's easy to forget how big the Pyramid is. Of course it's not a straight-edged triangle, but have you really thought about it?


A dark gray-brown Bean goose flying upside down was snapped by an amateur photographer near the Dutch town of Arnhem. The maneuver, called whiffling, is when geese roll their body upside down and twist their neck and head 180 degrees around to its normal position.

The goose flying upside down is "simply showing off", experts say.


Relax with this bean rub.

via kottke.org:

> If you need a little break today, may I suggest watching this video of a single kidney bean that belonged to Charles Darwin being meticulously cleaned for conservation?

Video from Cambridge University Library (@theUL@birdsite).

🌍 Map of the Internet

An epic work of art by Martin Vargic, featuring over a thousand websites on a fictional map, organised by topic and sized for traffic scale (logarithmic). Some regions to look for:

* Protocol Ocean.
* Gulf of Linkrot.
* Viral Valey.
* Sea of Netizens.
* Append: Major launch dates.
* Append: Broadband speeds by country.
* Append: Most expensive domain sales.

Full size graphic (19 MB) at halcyonmaps.com/map-of-the-int

via kottke.org/21/05/a-map-of-the-

"Friends just sent me this image from last night's The Simpsons. So funny and flattering."

– RT 🐦 @mrteller

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