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Bill and Melinda Gates divorce.

[...] we no longer believe we can grow together as a couple in this next phase of our lives.

Bill and Melinda (65 and 56 years old), married 27 years ago, stated they will continue the philanthropy work at their foundation.


The art of shitty autopilot customer service, taken to its logical conclusion.


A real and literal instance "I had no bread, so I used brioche". I approve!! 👨🏼‍🍳


Exactly how were medieval bridges built in Europe? Before steam engines, cranes, bulldozers, etc.

In 1357, construction of this bridge in Prague began and would take over 50 years to complete. This visual animation shows it all in elegant detail, step by step.

(No audio descriptions or subtitles on this one.)


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"If it has music in it, it has value. I don't think songs try to be films, I think films try to be songs." – Tom Waits


I'm half-German and can confirm, am basically half-bread.

The spirited man says things are about to get heavy, for we are amidst our move from crisis mode toward humanity's next period of flourishing.

The video shows how we are currently toward the end of our third cycle of an 80 year block (from 1780), with the fourth cycle starting around 2028-2030.

An interesting theory.


"Stop Motion Lego Chocolate Cake" by tomosteen.

Superbly well-done animation, love the attention to detail - to the very end!


via kottke.org/21/04/stop-motion-l


"You can tell that it's aspen, because of the way that it is."

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by popular demand, now with logarithmic y axis scale to fit more data points

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Veritasium on light bulbs, obsolescence and repairability: "This is why we can't have nice things"


Reminds me of that Mrs Kearns interview in Shutter Island.

I don't know the world anymore.

They tell me there are... televisions?

Voices and faces, coming from a box. — He? — I hear enough voices already!


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"20,000 metal boxes carrying goods"

I love this unpretentious and dull phrasing, because of course how else would you describe this if it weren't so normal, e.g. to someone a century ago?



Een aantal sociale fotograven die ik wel leuk vind, misschien eens kijken:


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