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"Flappie" by Todd Rundgren.

A new English release of the famous Dutch dark comedy originally by Youp – about a boy, his father, and his rabbit.

Learn more at

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In 1902 in a German town there suspended ("flying") railway. This two-minute recording gives us an impression of what life was like back then, throughout the town, and outside of it.

It was shot on 68mm from that railway, providing impressive levels of detail. #history #film #art #moma

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🎉My album is released! 🎉
It's out now on #bandcamp, 11 tracks, featuring 80s #retrowave sound and dreamy synths! 🌃
Night River | Chris Roth #music #musicproduction #electronic #indiemusic

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This scene from Fringe is resonating with me right now.

The rubble we find our selves in, picking up the pieces, reflecting on the systematic problems we've endured for so long in our society, and where we go from here.

Video: John Noble as Walter Bishop, in Fringe (TV series), playing Only You by Yazoo.

"Bill Murray’s Face" by Eddy Torigoe.

13 famous paintings with Bill Murray's face inserted into them, including American Gothic, Napoleon, and Washington.

@oerknor doet me denken aan Radiohead en ook wel David Bowie kwa stem. Haal ik meer van op, leuk!

Nieuw album "Point Of View", van Distant Dream.

Een soort progressieve rock met wat gelaxte U2-stijl invloeden. Klinkt lekker!

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Speaking of Gnarls Barkey, I really like this cover of Crazy, by Daniela Andrade.

@joyfuluselessness Wow, it does sound like that! I'll check out more of this artist. New discovery for me.

Goose, met een chillle funk (live!) versie van Dancin' In the Moonlight.

Origineel van King Harvest, maar meest bekend van Toploader. Kan ik hele dag wel op repeat naar luisteren :)

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Het Cheese-Rolling evenement vindt jaarlijks plaats in Gloucester bij Cheltenham en... dat is alles wat je er over hoeft te weten.

Geen Jiskefet nodig, de wereld is al gek genoeg! 😅

Bier verkopen hier in Engeland mag, zonder horeca licentie, zolang je onderweg bent... op een hovercraft. Even uit proberen!

Steve Roach, uit California, actief sinds de 70s in ambient, new age, en elektronische muziek.

H/T @craigmaloney

Such beautiful birds. Short local story from the south of India.

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