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Word 25:

pro bono

In law and medicine, to offer a service free of charge.

From the Latin "pro bono publico" meaning for the people, or for the public good.
In Dutch we call this "pro deo" from the Latin "for God".

It fits with the culture.. Netherlands were very catholic, whereas pro bono came in the 1700s from the US, which freed itself from catholic Britain, of course they'd refer to it as for the people!

Ah it's "technically a major city".

So, basically, its a small town and this obscure fact is (relatively speaking) the most interesting thing you have to say about the town, for the lead paragraph.

I love Wikipedia, the composition and phrasing says as much, if not more, than the facts. ♥️

How to make an AC/DC song in 30 seconds.

"What's that? Look out! Dog on the road!"

via, from

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"Excuse me," said the knight, "but could you heat a pot of water?"
The dragon stared at him. "Could I do what?"
"Heat water."
The knight emptied his water skin into a pot.
"I could light a fire, but..."
He smiled. "Tea tastes nicer when you make it with a friend."
"Friend. Yes."
#MicroFiction #SmallStories

An overqualified drummer at a kid's fair festival, showing off while wearing a donut-shaped full-body Disney-character costume. It must be hot in there...

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(mac)OStalgia by Michael Feeney.

A delightful dive into classic macOS 9, with reimagined versions of modern day applications, showing how they might look and feel if they met the expectations and interface conventions from back then.

Direct link (4min video, 30MB):

Word 24:

round tuit

(noun, US humorous)

Circular object supposedly enabling its owner to do everything that has been put off until 'when they get around to it'.

You can't cry, 'cause you'll look broke down.
But you're crying anyway, 'cause you are all broke down.

-- Sly and the Family Stone

"How Noiseless Props Are Made For Movies" by Insider.

I'm familiar with foley art, and how we often add or replace sound, when it wasn't or couldn't be recorded, or differs from an expected sound.

What I didn't know is the inverse; replacing materials with fake ones to avoid real sounds that would make sense to hear but may distract.

I imagine it's not uncommon to mask by default just in case, and then add back via foley... 😆

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"Tell me," the emperor said, "how I will die."
The courtiers held their breath but the oracle answered calmly.
"You will die while attempting to avoid a prophecy."
The emperor thought about this.
"Very well, so be it. I accept my fate."
#MicroFiction #SmallStories

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Is it faster to read or to listen?

Fourteen years ago, I blogged about the future of voice. In the post, I asked these two questions - which I'd nicked from someone else:

Are you faster at speaking or typing?
Are you faster at reading or listening?

Lots of us now use Siri, Alexa, Bixby, and the like because it is quicker to speak than type. For long-form wordsmi

#/etc/ #education #msc #reading #text #tts #voice

"14-Hour Search for the End of TGI Friday's Endless Appetizers" by Caity Weaver.

An epic journey in which a Gawker reporter investigates TGI Friday's bottomless mozzarella sticks — in exchange for a week's vacation. A fun read, loved every moment of it.

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