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Semiannual changelog of Merriam-Webster, with words added since April 2020, thus recognizing them as being in wide use and likely to stay:

* long hauler.
* bubble (definition 7 A to 7 D).
* wet market (first known use with current meaning: 1978).
* crowdfunding (first 2007).
* to "at" someone (first 2008).
* A.S.M.R. (first 2011).
* gig worker (first 2014).
* cancel culture (first 2016).

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Jurassic Park nostalgia, confused (Samuel L. Jackson) 

Apparently it's a well-known easter egg, and is featured twice more in the film in scenes where Ray (Samuel L. Jackson) is having to deal with Dennis Nedry's "hacker crap".

Fans were unable to credit the photo (sometimes referred to as "Nedry's lock screen") to a model or photographer. Rather, it brought them to illustrator Al Moore, who later painted various such pinups for Esquire magazine during the 50s.

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Jurassic Park nostalgia, confused 

There's a scene in Jurassic Park, that climactic moment where Lex (Ariana Richards) realises the computer that can save them, is in fact "a Unix system". She sighs in relief, and rapid typing with classic "hacker" animations ensue.

Upon seeing it again in a meme, I noticed something odd. After a particularly important mouse click and camera turn, the computer prominently renders a scarcely dressed women in zebra outfit. The screen then blinks back to a park map.

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Ik heb radijsjes, hele mooie, witte en rooie.
Maar ja, ik heb geen bananen,
ik heb geen bananen vandaag!

Ik keek gister de Johnny Harris docu over de bananenindustrie, en hoorde plots een bekend deuntje:

volledig, 1923:!_We_

Jazz versie, iets sneller en herkenbaarder, 1949:

Muppet parodie, 60s:!_We

Nederlandse cover:

Word 23 (cont'd from @krinkle):

Ronseal (adj.)

of something to do precisely as one would expect from its outward description.

e.g. "a Ronseal deal", "a Ronseal solution".

The phrase entered British vernacular after the 1994 TV advertising slogan "It does exactly what it says on the tin", by wood paint manufacturer Ronseal.

Voordat Bassie en Adriaan bekend werden als clowns, hadden ze succesvolle acrobaten carriere onder de naam The Crocksons.

25 jaar lang (1955-1980) traden ze op als The Crocksons, en tourden o.a tien jaar internationaal, in Amerika, en werden bevriend met Siegfried & Roy.

Als clowns duo waren ze eigenlijk minder lang (ong 20 jaar van 1978 tot 1997, afscheid in 2003).

In deze 1975 clip, voorspelden wat ze later zouden bereiken, en best goed ook!

Cautionary Tales on Monopoly, by Tim Harford.

The game's origin story, about the discredited people that created Monopoly, and how canonical and parody gameplay switches places.

Podcast references:

Related article, more recently:

From The Economist:

Official world COVID-19 deaths: 5.3m.
Excess deaths: 17.9m.

Excess deaths naturally adjust down for overcounting (not lead cause), and upward for undiagnosed cases (no health coverage or no space/time) and the many tragic deaths from other illnesses that couldn’t be treated in crowded hospitals.

It's easy to criticise a country's counting methods. Some of that is valid (counting is hard), but mostly it's a distraction. The numbers are clear.

The US now has a *plan* for providing free at-home rapid Covid test: people pick vendor from central list, order, deliver, and reimburse via health insurance.

Meanwhile, in the UK, a simpler program has been up and running for well over a year where you simply click twice online and you get a test kit mailed to anywhere in the country (no account, no name, no questions). Uses private vendors transparently. The tests can also be collected or in-person "while you wait".

International expressions for something that happens rarely:

* Once in a blue moon (English).
* Once in a Hungarian year (Czech).
* Once in a Russian year (Polish).
* Once between the harvest of grapes and the harvest of pears (Spanish).

* Every death of a pope (Italian: "ogni morte di papa").


H/T @ladsgroup

I wasn't sure what to expect. Was Marc going to colour in his political views on-air? Was he going to attack cancel culture? Or defend it?

I was quickly pleased to realise it's neither. 'Twas rather a refreshing depolarizing chat about what stuff means, what's changed, and what hasn't changed throughout the 1900s and late 1800s. History matters. Not to justify actions today, but to understand what worked, what didn't, what got better, and what hasn't (yet).

Sir Ian McKellen, CBE.
Dame Judi Dench, DBE.
Sir Paul McCartney, MBE.
Willem de Klerk, OMG.


I mean, is there anything you *wouldn't* do to be awarded an Order of Mapungubwe Gold?

I love Australian humour, but my facial muscles aren't used to laughing this hard. Such high quality writing. Hard to appreciate all the nuance in just one sitting 😉


Unvaccinated Mom Wants To Know If You're Coming Home For Covid This Year. "After all, Grandma's going to be here, and contracting this disease together could be the last time we get to see her."

-- from , via .

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